Holz Wood Prefab Panels coming to America


We have admired the projects built with Holz's wood panels before. These are solid wood made from laminated Austrian red spruce or larch. They are formaldehyde free, strong, provide good insulation and look great inside and out. The wood comes from "Austrian forests where about 30 million cubic meters of wood grow each year. Over a period of decades, the annual rate at which we consume wood is only about one third of its annual growth rate. This means a great deal more wood could be harvested without significantly diminishing the supply." (more on this here)

Thus we were pleased to see that it is now available in the US through Holzbuild, set up by Antonio Guariento, who introduced it to the U.S. because he saw a market for pre-fab building with a focus on green materials. "One unique feature of these panels is that they are structural and have the potential to create a monolithic wall, and therefore a structural facade" -Architectspeak for "solid wood, inside and out" ::Holzbuild

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