Holy Ceiling Fan, Batman!


We've known for awhile that ceiling fans are a great way to maximize the energy efficiency in your home (remember, using them is one of our 25 Ways to Save the Planet), and they can save you some cash since they operate at a fraction of central and window air-conditioning units (and they can work great in tandem with your A/C if global warming has you sweating it out). As Energy Star reminds us, ceiling fans help keep you cool (rather than cooling the entire room), but we've never seen a fan that can help keep you cool in more ways than one quite like this one can. Gives new meaning to being a "Batman fan," doesn't it?

As an aside, just because summer is ending doesn't mean you have to quit using it. Setting it at low speeds during the cool fall and winter months can help keep the warm air coming from your heater down where you can better appreciate it. Plus, it'll draw more attention to your bad-ass bat-wing ceiling fan, too. Available from ::Etsy via ::Boing Boing Gadgets

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