Hollow Surfboard Is Made from Broken Skateboards

Furniture design student Björn Holm got his first skateboard at the age of 10, and since then he's collected a lot of broken decks. Being a surfer as well, he was inspired to transform his collection of old skateboards into something quite useful: a new surfboard.

Holm's board, which he spent four months making, is hollow- not a rare design, but a more difficult one to make, according to HollowSurfBoards.com. He began with his own broken boards, then gathered those of his friends, and eventually went to skate parks to raid their collections. He calls it the "Reto," which both means "broken" in the dialect of the Swedish part of Finland, where Holm is from, and stands for REcycle for TOmorrow.

Earlier this month, Holm took the Reto out for a spin on the waves, and happily reports that it worked perfectly. The only question that remains is: When the surfboard breaks down, will Holm make it into a skateboard?

Hollow Surfboard Is Made from Broken Skateboards
A Finnish designer has made a working surfboard from broken skateboards.

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