Hits And Misses for 2011: 100 Predictions from JWT

J. Walter Thompson said "Advertising is a non-moral force, like electricity, which not only illuminates but electrocutes. Its worth to civilization depends upon how it is used." JWT Intelligence tries to illuminate 2011 with some predictions for the new year. Many will be familiar to TreeHugger regulars; here is a roundup of a few of them.

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All images from JWT100; click to enlarge.

I know it is because they are following alphabetical order, but 3D is No. 1! We are getting very close to my prediction of a couple of years ago,

It is like the music for our iPod; dematerialized bits and bytes put together again where we need it, without the waste of a physical intermediary. In a world where we watch our carbon as closely as our waistline we don't want to be driving to stores; in a world where everything can be digitized, why move material when we are interested in ideas, creativity and talent?

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I think they blew it here; bamboo has jumped the shark. They are making everything out of it now, and we don't really know that much about how it is grown, what kind of glues they are using, how they are powering the presses. We now know that bamboo fabric is nothing more than rayon, which is not very pretty to manufacture. Nor are a lot of bamboo floors as hard and long=lasting as they were purported to be. I think they are about 5 years late on this call. More:

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YES! It is about time. One of the great green trends! TreeHugger even has former writers working in the business now. From artificial spider silk to fish inspired wind farms, we have been anticipating these developments becoming mainstream. It is about time.

Researchers Decode Bat Sonar to Improve Everything from Buildings to Robots
Fish-Inspired Wind Farms Are 10x More Powerful
Slime Mold Shows Smartest Way to Get from New York to California (Video)
Great White Idea: More Efficient Windmills, Airplanes and Ships With Shark Skin
"Gut-Sliding" Movement of Caterpillars Inspires Soft-Bodied Robots
Seabird That Soars In Air and Water Inspires New Flying/Swimming Robot

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I like how Metropolis calls him the "Lady Gaga of Architecture"- it fits. I asked a few practising architect friends what they thought of him and they really just rolled their eyes.

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And that is just getting started. There is the revitalization of Detroit, nano-breweries and more at JWTintelligence: 100 things to watch in 2011

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