Hit or Miss? Smart Packaging Design - Yogurt Lid Becomes the Spoon

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When you grab packaged food for lunch, especially something like a salad or yogurt where it's not possible (or at least not easy) to eat it without cutlery, you also have to grab an eating utensil. And if you aren't carting around your To-Go Ware cutlery, then too often that means grabbing a plastic spoon from the deli counter so you can avoid the rather messy alternative of pouring the yogurt into your mouth. But one designer has come up with a package design that could save on how much plastic is used by people purchasing messy to-go food. The lid of this yogurt container is popped into a new shape to become the spoon. However, there's one rather counterproductive problem with the design. Yanko Design points us to this design by Cho Hye-seung, called the Yogurt Spoon Package Design. The top seal of the cup comes off, you fold it into shape, and it becomes the spoon. It's a clever way to make packaging more useful, and minimize how much plastic is used during fast-grab lunches. However, there's one element of the design that defeats this minimization:

yogurt spoon design image

It's understandable to want a clean lid if it's going to become your spoon. But does that really require the whole yogurt cup to be packaged in another layer of plastic? Seems like this could be changed. Perhaps a thin film of plastic on just the lid itself. Or better yet, don't package it at all and expect people to rinse the lid before they eat with it.

The better alternative, of course, is to get reusable cutlery and keep that with you so you can avoid this issue altogether. But we like the clever thinking that the designer is using to find solutions within the package itself. They're on the right track!

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