Hit or Miss: 2440×1220, Saw, Assemble by Pål Rodenius

PÃ¥l Rodenius flatpack saw assemble furniture photo

images credit PÃ¥l Rodenius

I am conflicted about this one. Swedish designer PÃ¥l Rodenius sells plywood with his designs for various kinds of furniture printed on to it; the purchaser cuts out what is desired and assembles it.

PÃ¥l Rodenius flatpack saw assemble furniture photo

2440 x 1220 is the metric equivalent of a 4'x8' standard sheet of plywood, which one can buy anywhere. The designer tells Dezeen:

In the project 2440×1220, Saw, Assemble I have been inspired by the Do It Yourself movement. DIY builds on the creativity of the individual, one's capacity for initiative and one's desire to realize one's ideas. I have been inspired by sheets of pattern paper used in the manufacture of clothing, and my line of furniture is based on two dimensional patterns of furniture.

So why not sell a sheet of pattern paper so that the purchaser can buy any kind of plywood close to home? Or a digital pattern that can be sent to a shopbot? This seems to be the worst of all possible worlds. More at Dezeen and PÃ¥l Rodenius

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