High-Line Stories: How to Transform a Derelict Railway into a Seriously Cool Park (Video)

Here's the story of the High Line in a nutshell: The city of New York was all ready to demolish a derelict elevated railroad track that over the years had been overtaken with grass and small trees. Some of the more adventurous of the city's residents had been climbing up there for a while and had discovered that a remarkable opportunity existed to utilize the structure for a distinctive city park. It had already been done in Paris with the Promendade Plantée, now it should be NYC's turn: Create a 1.5 mile long park on top of the railway platform.

Sounds interesting? Well, it is. And Sundance Channel has just launched a new online video series on called "High Line Stories" which delves into how a coalition of community activists, artists, architects and landscape architects are turning what was once seen as an element of urban blight into green opportunity. All told, ten episodes will be aired. The clip above is a bit of episode nine, with Friends of the High Line co-founders Robert Hammond and Joshua David.

In addition, supplementary photos, architectural drawings and interviews will be made available on the Sundance Channel blog, .

More on the park, including updates on when the exact date of the first section to be opened might be (sometime in June...): Friends of the High Line
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