Hide-A-Porsche Parking System Leaves Your Front Yard Green

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Making the rounds of a lot of design websites right now is this ingenious parking system. Many municipalities do not allow front yard parking, so this device drops your Porsche into an underground parking space and leaves only a green roof visible to the public. While most of the posts ascribe it to a London resident, TreeHugger Bonnie notes that she saw it a couple of years ago at the Chelsea Flower Show, and last year it was at the Hampton Court Flower show, set up as a bit of serious greenwashing by Porsche.

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While it is a clever way to make cars disappear (front yard parking is a serious eyesore and political football where I live), one has to take the promotion by Porsche with a serious dose of salt:

"This garden highlights the continuing disappearance of urban front gardens, so many of which are being paved over to provide off-road parking.... This raises the likelihood of subsidence and heightens the risk of localised flooding due to excessive water run-off."

And I think that Emma Townsend of the Independent had a point in her criticism of it:

Er, you what? You're suggesting that excavating my garden to make a space big enough for a 350 BHP sports car and a lift, is going to leave enough rain-absorbing soil in situ to prevent flooding? That removing tons of soil from the area in front of my house going to help battle subsidence? I just don't know where to start, I'm spluttering with objections.

To me the presence of Porsche at Hampton Court demonstrates all the trouble we get ourselves into when we want to save the world without making it hurt too much.

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But once you get past the Porsche and their greenwashing, it is an interesting solution to a difficult problem.

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