Hewlett-Packard Recycling Program & Goals

We think it is important to encourage big corps when they are on the right path, which is why we recently wrote about Canon's efforts to implement a fairly comprehensive - if a bit complicated for the consumer - program to recycle their hardware. In the comments of that post, reader Ryan Freebern pointed out the efforts by Hewlett-Packard (HP) in the area. We were aware that HP was one of those leading the pack, but it's nice to see some hard data on what they have achieved so far and what their goals are for the future. As is explained here, HP launched it's printer ink cartridge recycling program in 1991 and has since recycled more than 64 million of them. In 2003, they expanded the program to give postage-paid envelopes to clients so they can return empty cartridges more easily."In 2004, HP recycled approximately 22,000 tonnes of hardware in Europe, 1,700 tonnes in Asia and 18,000 tonnes of hardware in the Americas." Europe is still ahead in recycling, and that should only get better with the new regulations on computer hardware.


[in million pounds]

HP's goal is to have recycled 1 billion pounds (cumulatively) of electronic products by 2007, and so far they seem on the right track to achieve that objective: 307 million pounds in 2001, 394 in 2002, 496 in 2003 and 616 in 2004.


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HP is also a partner (along with many others) of the Rethink Initiative which aims to make it easier to deal with e-waste using eBay (we covered it here).

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