Herman Miller Blocks Celebrate Eames, Nelson and Girard

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No doubt you will see these someday on Unhappy Hipsters in the hands of cute little children in a minimalist Japanese home. Herman Miller in Japan is selling these lovely childrens' blocks celebrating George Nelson, Charles Eames and Alexander Girard. The designers at House Industries describes them:

The puzzle sides are based on the original Herman Miller furniture box that was used to deliver American modernism. We then packaged the "box" in a miniature corrugated shipping carton. Took us a while to sniff out the tiny brown kraft packing tape, but solving specky details like "tape scale" allows me to sleep at night. It was all made in the USA (Grand Rapids, Michigan).

herman miller eames nelson toys photo

Herman Miller is celebrated on TreeHugger for their design, but also for their environmental commitment. They have produced Cradle to Cradle chairs, and have reworked their Eames classics so that they are made of sustainable woods. See their Design for the Environment pages here.

herman miller eames nelson toys photo

Their stuff also lasts; when I sit at a desk, it's a George Nelson 1952 EOG 7230.

Too bad the blocks were only available in Japan! From House Industries, via NOTCOT.


However you can purchase these Eames House Blocks, Not cheap at $ 175, but they claim that "It's a bargain when you consider that each set of 36 replenishable Michigan-grown basswood blocks represents 29 separate hand-pulled screen passes." In language that might be found on Unhappy Hipsters, they write:

In the true Eames spirit, your kids can create a ligneous yard sale on your living room rug while you're in deep conversation with your guests, then build this living landmark to demonstrate how you are properly introducing them to important bits of culture.

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