Heritage Is Green: Lessons From The Architectural Conservancy

GreenBuild: Richard Moe Has a Tough Row to Hoe

I really felt sorry for Richard Moe, and a bit angry, too. Here he is, the keynote speaker for Thursday morning, with a hall that can seat thousands, and there are maybe two hundred people. ...

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Quote of the Day: Richard Moe on "This Old Wasteful House"

"Before demolishing an old building to make way for a new one, consider the amount of energy required to manufacture, transport and assemble the pieces of that building." ...

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Preservation is Sustainability

Speaking at Bernard Maybeck's historic First Church of Christ, Scientist in Berkeley, the President of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Richard Moe, made an historic speech about how saving old buildings is not about the past, but the future. ...

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Diane Keaton on How We Treat Old Buildings Like Plastic Bags

"We've treated old buildings like we once treated plastic shopping bags -- we haven't reused them, and when we've finished with them, we've tossed them out." ...

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Refab Now!

I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to defend modern prefab from an analysis by Chad Ludeman and in the end, failed, coming up only with a tie. ...

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In Hard Times It's Time For Renovation and Preservation

Times are tough for architects. But there is a little ray of sunshine that gets a bit brighter in every recession: renovation and preservation. ...

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The Greenest Building is the One Already Standing

Many small towns are experiencing a comeback these days; a combination of aging boomers and the green movement, combined with technology that lets people work just about anywhere make them a viable alternative to urban and suburban life. ...

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Steve Mouzon on Learning from Old Buildings

When you show up at GreenBuild you are overwhelmed by the new, the high-tech, the inevitable "LEEDING the way" slogans, and you see and hear very little about the old and the existing; it isn't shiny. ...

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Renovation Uses Twice As Much Labor, Half as Much Material as New Construction

Here is another reason that renovating old buildings is greener than building new: It uses a lot fewer resources and employs a lot more neighbours. ...

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