HempFlax Insulation


Building insulation is a sure-fire way to gain greeny points. In the winter it reduces heat loss; in summer heat gain. Less energy is expended in warming or cooling a living or working space. Hempflax, of the Netherlands, make their insulation batts from mostly hemp fibre, adding some polyester fibre for reinforcing. Soda acts as the fire retardant, and as the hemp is naturally resistant to moths and beetles extra chemical application is avoided. Eight thicknesses are available from 40mm (1.6 inch), to 250mm (10 inch). Using Dutch and German crop, Hempflax suggest their product is low in dust, and "creates a healthy organic indoor climate", in new buildings, or renovations. (It is further intimated that the material can be recycled, though into what is not explained.) Just the thing for lining the floor or ceiling of your hempcrete or hemp-baled house. ::HempFlax.