Help Wanted: Extreme Green Consultant to Help TreeHugger Founder Renovate 420-square-foot Apartment in NYC

new york  green apartment renovation photo

Photo by Graham Hill

Dear Readers,

Buildings comprise 40% or more of our emissions in the U.S., so I'm trying to create a personal living situation for myself that might be a model for how more of us could live in the future (at least in cities like New York).

I'm gunning to design a tiny, ultra-green-yet-sleek (almost luxurious in parts), extremely functional, financially smart apartment. I'm in contract for the space and am assembling a team. I have someone who's managing the entire process and an architect-expeditor to help on design, drawings and getting through the permitting process. I need to add an amazing person to the team. Please click through to learn more about what I'm looking for in a green consultant. Below is what I need, and I would love your suggestions! One note: Please only send highly experienced, highly recommended people, as I already have a long list of people I am considering.

The Green Consultant will have significant experience with things such as:
-designing for ultra low energy use
-heat pumps, composting toilets, natural ventilation and air filtration, low-embodied energy materials, home automation, multifunctional furniture, transformable spaces, motion and light sensors, and gray water systems.
-carbon footprint calculations
-sound control
-designing for very small spaces
-working in New York, and ideally will be located here.

Please contact graham (at) treehugger (dot) com.

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