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Washers and driers are fast, easy, and convenient—but they tend to use a lot energy and water. Levi Srauss & Co., it turns out, has noticed. According to a study they commissioned, "60 percent of the climate impact comes during the consumer phase."

Now, they are asking for help to design a better way to dry clothes.Good writes:

I don't know what Levi's is actually doing to reduce the sizable production side of the environmental equation, other than that the company says it "is taking strides to bring its carbon footprint down to zero and build sustainability into everything they do." Regardless, I love the idea of promoting clothesline drying, which is a great practice and probably even makes a pair of jeans last longer. And I would love to know of new ways to use the time-honored technique in a small apartment or an area without a lot of sun.

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