Help Build A Sustainable Off-Grid Friggebod With Floda31


It must be nice to be former Swedish housing minister Birgit Friggebo; She is now immortalized for her removing of the requirement for building approval for structures under 150 square feet, known forever as Friggebods, a portmanteau of her name and bod, or shed. It led to an explosion of innovative design and opportunity for young architects and designers. At Floda31, "a laboratory for innovation and creativity", Marije de Haas and Richard Holland and their students are building a Friggebodar, a" completely sustainable off-grid mini-house that can function at a climate ranging from +30C to -30C. " It's made of my favourite materiel-du-jour, Cross laminated timber.

Floda31 Friggebodar from Marije de Haas on Vimeo.

They are trying to raise money to build the little gem on IndieGoGo, explaining what we will all get for our support:

Your investment will help us develop and test new sustainable building and design techniques which we will share with the world via our website. All our learnings, successes and failures will be published in order to help all you other budding designers, architects, builders and DIYers with some useful advise. You also give young architects a chance to create a real physical building, and you will be part of something truly unique.


The design is quite lovely;

the house has long fins that emerge out of the ground, cleverly tailored in the direction of the prevailing winds, wider on the northern split - channeling snow to form an igloo-like exterior for extra thermal lining in colder months, and providing a sheltered outdoor space on the southern split for use all year round. Proximity to nature is key with direct views of the sky from tiered bunks and the space focusing the attention to the endless layers of ancient forests in the distance.

Invest here, and get more information at Floda31.
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