Heavy duty hardware designed by Tom Kundig will outlast any building

Tom Kundig
© Tom Kundig

Tom Kundig and the firm of Olson Kundig Architects have been favorites on TreeHugger; Tom was our first Best of Green Architect. because I thought he " does the right thing without hitting you over the head." Tom uses basic materials in rough, semi-finished forms, and probably had a hard time finding hardware; most has a more finished look.

So he designed his own heavy duty cut-and-folded steel cabinet and door pulls that probably weigh more than a cabinet or door. This is serious hardware.

“The pieces in this collection act as a bridge between the physics of our bodies and the physics of our shelter,” he explains. “They stand as a tribute to the beauty and pragmatism of nature, from the raw materials we use to build to the way the human body is designed to move—the rational and the poetic. I want to make the parts of buildings you touch every day an enjoyable experience.”

It's all made in Seattle, fabricated by 12th Avenue Iron from steel, then finished and waxed, "revealing the subtle marks of its making." Heavy.

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