Having A Hard Time Being A Homeworker? Gordon Wu To The Rescue

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Working from home is green; time and carbon is saved by the commute, it utilizes space better, and saves companies and workers a lot of money. But It is hard being a homeworker sometimes; I miss the camaraderie of the gang at the office. The transition from home to work that is served by the commute. The closet of office supplies and most of all, the lunches with friends. But there is help on the way; Shedworking tells us about how Gordon Wu City Local worked with Abberant Architecture to develop a new business franchise system in Shenzhen that addresses these problems with a series of products and services designed to make working at home more comfortable, social and office-like. Like the Eleva-door:

For customers craving the morning wake-up routine that only an elevator can create, why not add a 'lift' to your everyday with Eleva-door. Fit Eleva-door to any standard door-frame in the home and create an elevator style gateway to your office past complete with elevator music, an LED lighting system and up to sixty floors waiting time. Now you can rocket to your new office on the 41st floor without leaving the comfort of your own home.

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And I so miss the ride on my bike to work, the exercise, the interaction with cars and pedestrians. But Gordon Wu integrates my bike into my desk, so I can " cycle to the office from the comfort of your own home. Power your computer by pedalling under a purpose built desk designed for greater leg-room and improved stature."

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And the office supplies. Gordon Wu has thought of everything, but also realizes that we don't have as much space in our home offices, so everything serves multiple purposes. Like the stapler phone (I hope it comes in red) and the iPunch hole punch.

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Now that we are getting into group video conferencing I could use the T-shirt, and I love the idea of the random email generator, that would save me so much time.

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But best of all is the Lunchbook, bringing people together around healthy food. Homeworkers need never be lonely again, as this moveable feast comes to the residentail neighbourhoods where we toil alone and brings us together.

The growing trend towards healthier eating and an increase in isolation through home working has greatly increased the demand for a local, social dining location in the midst of our city's condominium enclaves. Lunchbook, Shenzhen's first independent specialist mobile lunch diner, meets this demand by taking a superb selection of healthier local foods directly to the modern workplace, our city's apartments.

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While we are working it is a dog's life for our pets, as they lie around waiting for us to get off the computer. Jaymi and other homeworkers with dogs will love Gordon Wu's Wuuf Villages, developments with Paws Palaces and a Puppy Love Park, shown above.


This entire world of Gordon Wu City Local was imagined by David Chambers & Kevin Haley of Abberant Architecture, which "examines the way people live and interact with one another, researching their hidden desires and unforeseen dilemmas." It was created for the Shenzhen & Hong Kong bi-city Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture. Download the whole brochure and watch the movie here.

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