Have Yourself a Merry Flat-Packed Christmas


If a living Christmas tree or otherwise green tree isn't for you, and you don't want to go with synthetic, then Australian design firm Buro North has something for you. For the modernist not tied to tradition, they've designed a reusable, flat-pack tree to decorate your home in the spirit of a greener holiday for years to come.

The plywood "tree," which really consists of four identical CNC-routed planes that fold together when not in use (and for ultra-efficient shipping), may not be quite as festive (and green, in color at least) as a more traditional tree, but if green the lifestyle is more important to you than green the color, it certainly beats the plastic reusable tree (and might even be greener than a real tree, especially if you believe that Christmas trees contribute to global warming). If you're on the fence about it's green characteristics, Buro North did a life cycle assessment [PDF] of their tree vs. a more traditional pine tree; guess which tree came out on top? Hit the jump for more pics of one possible vision of the future of Christmas. ::Buro North via ::MoCo Loco and ::dezeen




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