HauteGREEN 2007 Sneak Peek: Solus Decor's The Grate Bench


"Y'know, it's really hard to find a nice, modern garden bench " So started the design process that led to Solus Decor's The Grate Bench, which was inspired by the need for an attractive, outdoor bench that will last a lifetime, does not "weather ugly", will not pool water and can withstand harsh Canadian winters. Featured at this year's upcoming HauteGREEN design exhibition (check out the rest of our Sneak Peek series here), the bench's unique set of design ideals led to the use of a unique (for furniture) material: Litho Concrete, which uses high-volume post-industrial recycled content as a replacement for cement. Due to the strength of the material, the bench uses about 50% of the material of a comparably functional piece; the casting process uses precise quantities which minimizes material waste and utilizes reusable forms, and when it comes to moving it, the bench disassembles and flat-packs for transport. The bench's strength and durability qualities (20,000 psi compressive strength and 100% freeze-thaw resistant, according to the designer) allow it to be used outdoors with zero maintenance in just about any climate on the planet. As such, it can outlast any comparable item made of wood, concrete, or plastic and should anyone want to dispose of it, it is homogeneous in composition with no reinforcing steel, so it can be readily crushed and reused as aggregate or fill. To see the real deal, and learn more about the design, head on over to HauteGREEN, May 19 - 22, in New York. ::Solus Decor and ::HauteGREEN 2007

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