Happy 120th birthday, Raymond Loewy

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The Google doodle today honors the birthday of the great industrial designer Raymond Loewy. He was one of the fathers of streamlining, the design principle that reduced drag and fuel consumption, while looking very futuristic and cool.

He has appeared in TreeHugger a number of times:

Post Office (Remember It?) Releases Stamps Honouring Dead Designers Doing Dead Products

Loewy was one of the great designers who appeared on stamps a few years ago. He not only designed the world's coolest office in the 30s, but late in his career, he worked on interiors for Skylab and the space shuttle.

The world's most famous food fight happened on this day in 1959

Andrew Geller, working with Loewy, designed the most famous kitchen in American history.

The Paperless Office Doesn't Get Any Closer. Or Does It?

I really love Loewy's 1934 office and used that photo in a lot of posts, like this one about going paperless.

Finally: a Modern North American Pellet Stove From Snoqualmie

I thought this pellet stove looked Loewyesque.

norman bel geddes

Meanwhile, Loewy's contemporary Norman Bel Geddes is having his moment in the sun with an exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York.

Happy 120th birthday, Raymond Loewy
The google doodle of the day reminds us of the great industrial designer.

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