Hanging Mini-Greenhouse Also Doubles As Pendant Lamp

Photos: Jaroslav Kvíz

Short on space for growing herbs? Well, this graceful pendant lamp -- which doubles as a mini-greenhouse -- could be one way to add more luscious greenery to one's space and diet.

Created by Czech designer Krstyna Pojerova, the 'Glasshouse' is a bulbous glass form that features an opening at the bottom, which allows you to harvest the greens growing along the lamp's inverted rim.According to Pojerova, who is currently studying at Prague's Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, the design was inspired by the "desire to grow fresh herbs within an urban kitchen." The central opening both "facilitates easy access to the herbs and the passage of light from an electric bulb hanging up in the lights." Apparently, the lamp can be used for sprouting and soil-based mini-gardens.


Best of all, the wasted heat from using an incandescent is wasted no more; it's used to help your greens grow. According to Pojerova, you can "easily regulate the bulb with a dimmer placed object over the lamp."


The ventilation holes at the top of the lamp allow for better air circulation, creating a microclimate of sorts, right in your kitchen.


It's kind of like a windowfarm, but encapsulated in a beautifully design object that also illuminates. For those of you who may be in the area, the 'Glasshouse' is currently on display at Prague Designblok 2011. For more information, check out Pojerova's website, and the 'Glasshouse' website -- also available for purchase here.

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