HangerPak: Transformer Packaging Turns Into Shirt Hanger

The Optimus Prime of Packaging
Packaging is a tough one. You can often reduce the amount used, but you still need something to protect what you're shipping. One solution is to make it out of recycled materials, and to make sure that it is easy to recycle, but that's still not completely satisfactory, which is why Steve Haslip's HangerPak is so cool. Read on for more details

Steve Haslip, the designer of the Hangerpak, says:

I buy t-shirts online and they always come wrinkled and I always run out of coat-hangers. So I designed a sustainable, reusable way to send and keep your t-shirts. As you open the package you create a coat hanger. The packaging could be made from recycled material whether it is card or plastic and the only waste is the green tear-away tab.

Even if you don't use the HangerPak to hang the shirt that was shipped in it, it's still one less metal or plastic hanger. I'm not sure how solid the hanger made from the HangerPak would be, but even if it has a limited lifetime, it can still then be recycled, and at least you got more out of it than a regular single-use packaging (well, you could always re-use it as packaging, but I think that most people probably don't, sadly).

This project won a 1st prize in the D&AD; Student Awards 2007 category 'What else do you do?'.

Via Steve Haslip, Green Upgrader

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