Hanger Chair + Inflatable Table = Small Space Fun by Philippe Malouin


TreeHugger loves folding and flat-packing chairs for their ability to fold up (or even hang up) to get out of the way, so we like the space-saving designs from Philippe Malouin. The Hanger Chair, (pictured above) an elegant combination of coat hanger and folding chair, makes a lot of sense: not only is it good for hanging your jacket on when sitting in the chair, it can help keep your coats wrinkle-free and hanging in the closet when you aren't sitting on. Smart.

And what kind of space-saving table do you sit at in such a sleek chair? Why, an inflatable table that seats 10 and is strong enough to stand of, of course. Hit the jump to see what we mean.


The Grace Table is big enough for you and nine of your pals to sit around, but, if you want to live smaller and don't want a huge banquet table hogging all your space all the time, deflates to fit inside a duffel bag when not in use. And it looks like it even helps you get some exercise, as it requires some prodigious hand-pumping to fill 'er up. Probably not the kind of thing you'd want to do every day, but, heck, some of us do it with our beds sometimes, and the results are pretty impressive, as the table holding a person above indicates. Watch the video to see how it pumps up below, and get all the details at ::Philippe Malouin via ::pan-dan

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