Hang your bike (and other stuff) on the wall with Lift

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TreeHugger has been showing ideas for ways to hang a bike on the wall for years, for many reasons:

  • They give you an elegant way to store your bike inside in small spaces;
  • They display your pride and joy artfully;
  • They often have additional storage for your helmet or your keys;
  • They often just look lovely.

lift wide© LIFT
Now here is the latest, LIFT, an ingenious and flexible design from Jerry Chang and the gang at IPPINKA, an online design store that counter-intuitively says that they want you to buy less- "We want to help you choose products that will serve you for a long time, instead of constantly buying similar products to replace each other." (David Friedlander described them on LifeEdited as A shop that sells stuff worth buying)

lift components© LIFT

It's their first Kickstarter, and I believe is their first attempt at designing a product from scratch. It is also relatively inexpensive at $ 45 during the Kickstarter campaign, and they describe it as more than a bike rack:

Lift Multi© LIFT

Lift is a minimal, functional wall hook that declutters your life. It's a simple way of turning unused wall space into storage for your everyday carry, as well as the heavier items like your bike. Its clean and elegant design complements your space and your lifestyle.

They do show it holding everything from ladders to yoga mats, although watching the video I do wonder what the guy does when he comes home with his bike and finds a hat and purse hanging on it. Do bikes have priority? Do they have hook wars? Should they have two? Tune in for further adventures.

Hang your bike (and other stuff) on the wall with Lift
It's a clean modern design that serves more than one function.

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