Handpresso: Get Your Java And Better Biceps, Too


This French-designed portable espresso maker, which requires hand-pumping to operate, may be just the kind of gimmicky gadget that looks a lot better than it works. At a cost of 100 Euros (about $145) and also needing special (and with their excessive packaging, eco-unfriendly) coffee "pods", the Handpresso has a single shining environmental attribute- that it is human powered. That's not only a plus for camping trips or any other kind of off-grid living, it is also just plain sustainably-minded.

But in spite of the smiling and sexy-looking hikers in the Handpresso infomercial enjoying what the web site says is "vintage coffee with a delicious aroma and a perfect crema" there's no exact explanation of just how long you'll need to pump to get enough pressure (the infomercial does note "just 16 bars") to produce espresso for two. Plus a source of pretty hot - 80 to 100C degree - water is needed for the Handpresso. Still, the idea of a shot of java anywhere is intriguing...what about the steamed milk? Via ::Handpresso.fr (French and English)
P.S. One organic brand of pods does seem to be available at podhead.com...but still!