Hand-made Retro Wallets Made From Recycled Cassette Tapes


Cassette tapes are a now obsolete technology (thank goodness), but I imagine there are plenty still out there in the bottom of peoples drawers soon to be heading to junk shops and rubbish bins. One designer has found a pretty groovy use for them. Marcella Foschi, tears apart found cassette tapes and joins them back together with zippers, all handmade and her own original design, they made their debut at the Tokyo Designboom 2006 Mart where young design professionals showcased their latest products. These are fun, practical (they are more of a pouch or purse than a wallet) and neon coloured, with the added benefit of nostalgia (check out some of the artists represented). Best of all though they make use of a something that would otherwise end up in landfill. Check out some past TreeHugger stories on wallets made from recycled materials, such as the recycled bike tube wallet, wallets made from recycled tractor inner tubes, and from recycled tarpaulins.


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