Hand-Made EcoDesign: A Magical Table, A Napkin Vase And An Elegant Flower Pot (Photos)

valencia design week joan rojeski photo

Image Credit. Joan Rojeski
Joan Rojeski was back at Valencia Design Week this year, although it turns out that Joan Rojeski is not a person or designer for that matter, but fiction. The Valencia-based designers have made a beautiful short film about their nature-loving character Joan Rojeski who goes to the city to become a designer. At Salon Nude this year, the 5 designer Jordi, Anna, Rosa, Jesi and Kike (guessed what the first letters of their names stand for?) presented a magical table, a vase that promoted the reuse of napkins and a crafty flowerpot. Pot Hort, the flower pot
pot hort joan rojeski photo

Image Credit. Joan Rojeski

Working with a local ceramic craftsman, the studio designed this pot to get people to grow their own veg. It comes with a wooden stick stitched elegantly to the pot using recycled rubber bands from bicycles.

Self, the table

joan rojeski Self table photo

Image Credit. Joan Rojeski

When you lift the wooden table up the legs magically fold out underneath. The piece comes in a packaging inspired by furoshiki and is totally flat-pack for efficient transportation and easy storage.

Bon Profit Mrs. Napkin

joan rojeski mrs napkin photo

Image Credit. Joan Rojeski

In an effort to get people to reuse serviettes at home and ditch the paper napkins for they have a bigger environmental impact than reusing a cloth napkin, Joan Rojeski Studio created this table feature. Made by the same local craftsmen as Pot Hort (see video below), the designers believe the napkins should not have to hide at home. To make sure each family member has their own napkin, it comes with a pen to write your name on it, which disappears in the wash.

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