Half-Moon Outfitters Build to LEED Platinum Rating


Half-Moon Outfitters sell outdoor gear, but they recently had something else to 'sell.' Themselves. Their new corporate office and warehouse has just been awarded the US Green Building Council's LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum rating. This made them only the 25th new construction or major renovation to receive a Platinum rating, and the first to do so using the newer, more stringent LEED NC version 2.2, plus the first LEED Platinum project in the state of South Carolina. Their renovation of a nondescript building has seen it gain "photovoltaic panels on the roof, rainwater collection tanks in back, extensive native vegetation, and a brightly lit interior almost entirely of locally harvested wood, salvaged materials, and rapidly renewable agrifiber boards." The company's media release indicates that the renovation has transformed the way Half-Moon Outfitters does business. They now have scorecards for all of their locations measuring and comparing the power needs of each. The new project in North Charleston currently varies between $.03 and $.05 per square foot per month while their most inefficient store operates between $.20 and $.30 per square foot, a statistic that the business vows to change. "A shift has occurred with the mentality of our employees as everyone is becoming committed to the idea of recycling and reducing our consumption of carbon based fuels." The staff seem particularly enamoured with their desks made of Dakota Burl—discarded sunflower seed husks (which we first noted in 2004), the texture of which they describe as "crazy-cool". ::Half-Moon Outfitters.