Habitat for Humanity Modular House wins AIA Award


The American Institute of Architects just announced its 2007 Housing Awards; among the winners were our beloved Loblolly House and in the Special Housing Category, the Designhabitat2 house, from The DESIGNhabitat 2 Studio School of Architecture, Auburn University, David W. Hinson, AIA, Auburn, Ala. The Jury said: "Well thought out spatial organization and environmental factors included for really efficient energy consumption. Organization of the house is simple and really responds to its environment wonderful sophisticated simplicity," The design appears to have two factory -built modules with a site-built center bay, an idea developed successfully by Michelle Kaufmann in the Breezehouse. It is sensible because you put the small rooms and complex services in the factory built portions, while the central bay essentially just encloses space. Built by a team of 3rd and 4th year architecture students partnering with Palm Harbor Homes to design and build two houses for Habitat for Humanity. ::Design Habitat 2