Habitat Builds Green, Affordable House in Two Weeks


Proving that a new house can be affordable, quickly built and green, even in the post-subprime recession era, Habitat for Humanity has built a sustainable house in just two weeks. Elise Rodriquez's new home, in Osceola County, Florida, was built by its future occupants, alongside volunteers.

Built from recycled materials, the house saves money on construction costs and future maintenance requirements. Tinted windows and overhangs keep direct sunlight out of the house's interior spaces, keeping the interior cool in the summer and thus reducing future energy expenses. The keys to the new home will be officially handed over to the Rodriguez family on April 5.

This week, a new report was released by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (an organization set up under NAFTA), calling for the adoption of green building practices as the cheapest, quickest and most significant way to reduce North America's greenhouse gas emissions by up to 25%.

Props to Habitat for demonstrating just feasible this really is.

Via:: ecofriend, CFNews13

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