H2PIA: A Vision of a Hydrogen Future


Here is a bucolic, utopian vision of the future, a brave new suburban world with a hydrogen powered car in every garage and an organic chicken in every pot. H2Pia generates power from wind and sun to make hydrogen so that everyone can live the hybrid suburban (shown here) , unplugged exurban or young swinging urban lifestyle."H2PIA is based upon self-sufficiency, clean energy, and a constructive partnership between the public and the private sector. H2PIA will work to secure and enhance our welfare in a way that balances our energy needs with the cost to the environment and our climate of producing this energy. The key attribute of the hydrogen society is that people produce their own energy. This is how it works:"


H2PIA unplugged is for the devoted energy enthusiasts, the believers who also crave space and freedom, who want a life of peace and quiet on the outskirts of H2PIA.

"The renewable energy comes from solar or wind power and is used to split H2O – ordinary water – into H2 and O2 – hydrogen and oxygen. The oxygen is vented into the atmosphere, which already contains about 20 percent O2. The hydrogen is used in fuel cells that can produce energy, for instance in the form of electricity and heat. In the fuel cell, the energy is created by silent electrochemical processes with no pollution. The only product left over when the hydrogen is used up, is pure water. During periods with low energy demand, we can store the hydrogen. Then, when the wind is not blowing and the sun is not shining, we use the stored hydrogen."


Villa Plugged is for people of all ages, the laid-back and the active ones – in short anyone who does not want to be bothered with the energy systems, but just want the amount of energy available, that they need.

H2PIA is projected to start construction in 2007 somewhere in Denmark. We are thrilled to learn that we can return to a 1950's suburban lifestyle with no suffering, no cutting back, no trouble at all. James Howard Kunstler, suck on this! ::H2PIA