Gumnetic: Bubble Gum Bin & Memory Foam Made from Used Chewing Gums


This is some serious Cradle to Cradle design; a chewing gum bin that collects used gums to then turn this raw material into more bins. British designer Anna Bullus (we previously featured her disposable sugar mug) has invented this new material she calls Gumnetic, made from used chewing gums and bio resin. The first object created from Gumnetic is the Bubble Gum Bin. This sweet little object is upcycling bubble gum and turning it into a valuable raw material, potentially saving, in the UK alone, three and a half billion pieces of gum a year from going into landfill or worst, being stuck on the pavement. Nine out of ten city paving stones in Britain have had gum stuck to them, the removal of which takes expensive jet sprays or chemical treatments (Via I&DeA;). Let’s hope these attractive bins will collect the gums in the future and give them a second life. The second object Anna Bullus designed from her used chewing gum mix is the Chewy Pad with the characteristics of memory foam. While it offers a more sustainable alternative to standard memory foam, the Chewy Pad also provokes sustainable and educational opportunities when it comes to recycling. Imagine you sit (very comfortably) on the bus or metro, and see that the cushion under your bum is made from used bubble gum… Via: Materialise Me ::Anna Bullus

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