Grow a Grass Rug for Your Bedroom

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You've got the grass chair in the backyard, now it is time for the grass rug in your bedroom...

It's easier than one would imagine: it's a grow-your-own, from a kit...


Photo: pia

Pia Wustenberg, a German designer living in England, has come up with a way to make your own grass rug. According to Inhabitat, the carpet is made from a felt-like organic material which fosters the germination of mossy green plants inside. It starts off looking like a grey pillow, and then once the little seedlings get going, a lovely floral, spiral design appears.

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Photo: pia

The designer is interested in a "conceptual response to the increasing urbanisation and the resulting reliance on foreign food sources." There is an emotional and practical element to food growing. Her work explores ways, theoretical at this point, of bringing food to our homes and growing it at home.

This comfie looking potato chair has you-know-what growing in planters that double as arm rests and head rests. Since 3 kg. of potatoes can be grown from 1 sq. metre of soil, this may not be as fanciful as it seems. .

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Photo: pia

The runner bean chair is not comfortable, but it is sculptural. It turns out that a little soil yields a lot of runner beans:1 sq. m. of soil will yield 2 kg of runner beans.

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Photo: pia

She is also interested in moss. It is so soft and lovely and grows everywhere in London, due to the dampness of the climate and the endless nooks and crannies in old walls for it to germinate. She has been documenting places of moss growth and collecting samples. In her travels she has discovered that the National History Museum in London has centuries-old samples that could still be retrieved to life.

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