Groundhog, a New Twist on Thermal Mass

Hog Works make a rainwater storage tank, the Waterhog, that can be fitted into a buildings’ cavity wall, or under timber decking, which is pretty funky. But they also do Groundhogs, as shown here. Not designed for water storage and reuse but primarily as thermal mass. Slot these easy-to-move orange plastic tanks into your buildings’ floor, fill them with water, an anti-algae tablet and a cap. External heat like the sun, or internal, like an efficient heater, will transfer heat into the water. Due to its’ mass (200kg per tank!) the retained heat then takes a long while to be released, thus warming the space, without an excess energy load. It’s the modern version of filling 44 gallon drums and painting ‘em black, which was all the rage during the 70’s energy crisis. ::Hog Works