Groovy Green Picks Five Crazy Cool Eco Spaces


Everyone is doing top fives today; we had Jetson Greenearlier and now Groovy Green wants to find the perfect eco-hideout, "the type of place I can wander through backyard woods or across a field in the middle of nowhere to get to. The type of place where you can hunker down for a few weeks at a time and not worry about looking like Tom Hanks halfway through Castaway. Modern, earth-friendly, and cozy — with all the high-tech renewable energy systems and gizmos I can cram into it. Think Thoreau’s cabin at Walden Pond but with an Xbox360, skylights, and solar panels." He includes our beloved miniHome, the EcoHab shown above, Ecospace, miniJot and a hobbit house. Less never was so more. ::Groovy Green

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