Grocery Bag Today; Garbage Bag Tomorrow


By some estimates, between 500 billion to one trillion plastic bags are consumed world-wide every year; Americans are responsible for around 100 billion of those -- that's a lot. Towns like Modbury in the UK, cities like San Francisco in the US and stores like IKEA are all trying to do something about it, by banning them. We've also caught wind of the possibility of things like "Pay as You Throw" schemes, that charge people for garbage service based on how much they throw away. In Seoul, South Korea, such a scheme is already in place; upon arrival there, designer Emil Goh decided to come up with a scheme to reduce waste and plastic bags on his own. According to Goh, the "local council issued garbage bags of varying sizes are available from convenience stores everywhere. In Seoul, you have to pay for your plastic grocery bags at the supermarket and some corner shops, so thought I might suggest that instead of getting one of a garbage bag and use it as a grocery bag temporarily." The bags even come with instructions, which hopefully encourages consumers to not only use each bag for both purposes, but to think about all the stuff they bring home and all the stuff they throw out with each bag. The bag was designed as a limited edition print for SSamzie Gallery’s Think Green (site in Korean) exhibition, but the idea is good enough that we hope it catches on; make it from bioplastic and you've got yourself a green revolution in the making. ::Theme Magazine via ::MoCo Loco

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