Greenwashed Packaging Cartoon Says It All

green packaging envelope photo

Photo via eelke dekker via Flickr CC

Greenwashing starts with the packaging. Yes, we think it's cool when businesses figure out ways to use recycled cardboard, non-toxic inks, point out that recycling the package is the right thing to do, or create clever ways to reuse the packaging. However, the design of the green packaging has become a bit cliché. Artist Lunchbreath has summed it up perfectly in a cartoon - click through to check it out. Shown off on Core77 is this piece by Lunchbreath, who creates great art poking fun of the ungreen in our society. This one on greenwashed packaging really sums up the unoriginal ways companies work hard to brand their product as eco-friendly.

greenwashed packaging image

When 67% of you vote that companies using "sustainable" in their marketing are not to be trusted, we think you're probably able to see right through some of the lamer packaging designs that have become so standard.

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