Greenwash Watch: The EcoKaddy


Image on right from Tim Caynes

Well perhaps it is just jargon watch. Two years ago a company introduces the "shopping caddy" for grocery stores as a size between hand tote baskets and full shopping carts. It was red. People liked them and the manufacturer says "Before long we began receiving calls from these same eco-smart shoppers wanting to purchase their own Shopping Kaddy, not only to facilitate their shopping but to also use it instead of plastic shopping bags."

So they changed the colour to green and rebranded it "eco-Kaddy". But is it a) really any different from every granny cart or bundle buggy that have been around for years? b) is there anything "eco" about the way it is made? c) can people please stop calling everything "eco"?


They do talk a good line in their website: "The Eco Kaddy can be one of your small lifestyles changes to help save the earth. We have seen the explosion of reusable bags onto the market in 2007. Nearly every store has jumped onto the craze of offering reusable bags with their logos all over them. You can get reusable bags for as little as 99 cents from some grocers. We'll ignore for the moment that these bags are mass produced in Asian sweatshops which exploit child labour, pay low wages, have substandard working conditions, and lack basic rights and freedoms. Or you can spend $199 for designer reusable bags that accesorize your shopping attire or make social-political statement."

Fine. But no matter how you paint a story around it, what we have here is a plastic bundle-buggy. Changing the plastic to green does not make it eco. ::Eco-Kaddy found in ::the Star

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