Greening Your House? We Want to Talk to You!

Journalist Eric V. Copage is looking for people to interview:

"Today's Focus, a magazine published by Time, Inc., is looking to interview people who are or who have recently greened or plan to green their homes who are "greening" their homes in ways that help economize on their utility bills.

Today's Focus is looking for "normal" people -- secretaries, college professors, bus drivers, as opposed to architects, authors or other people with a professional interest in the eco-industry.

Questions would include — why did you decide to go green, what influenced you to make the decision, what were your priorities and how did you pursue them, what obstacles did you face, what do your friends think of your decision. . .Etc., etc.

The interview would be conducted by phone and take between 10 and 20 minutes.

The magazine is trying to line up people so that they can be interviewed between this Thursday, Aug. 23rd and Saturday, Aug 25th.

If you are interested, please contact Eric V. Copage at"

That's not actually a photo of Eric. We just thought it worked with this post.

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