Greening The Bronx

A 10,000 square foot green roof was recently installed on the Bronx County Building by J.P. Patti and Magco, Inc, divisions of Tecta America. The semi-extensive green roof, designed by Green Roof Service is the largest in the Bronx, and the first on a New York City owned building. Bronx Borough President, Adolfo Carrion, Jr., said: "I am very excited that my office is able to provide this green roof as a gift to New York City. I hope that this demonstration green roof project will inspire the City to install green roofs on other city-owned buildings". The green roof will help retain storm water, filter air, and reduce the urban heat island effect. It will also provide noise reduction and energy savings of between 10-15%. Perhaps the roof’s proximity to Yankee Stadium will also help inspire George Steinbrenner to incorporate green building techniques into plans for his team’s new ballpark. See also ::Green Roofs: A primer and ::Chicago Wal-Mart to Sprout Green Roof