GreenHouse Effect: Sustainable Concepts for the Home from Orca Design


In conjunction with the Singapore Design Festival, Orca Design launched an exhibition called GreenHouse Effect, featuring a handful of designs conceived not only for sustainability, but to really change the way we interact with and use our stuff. Taking things we use every day and tweaking them to perform greener, the conceptual collection propagates the idea that the "eco" should be a regular part of everything we do.

"Bottleneck Saver," above, is one part of this equation. The remarkably simple little doodad reminds us that "a little goes a long way" as it wraps around the neck of soap/lotion/other pump bottles, cutting back the volume of each pump. Using as much as before is still possible, but you have to want it twice as bad.


Further proving that "Eco should relate to our ways of life" is "Black-Out Light," a table lamp that doubles as a flashlight. The idea here: products with more function are better than products with less; if you can get double duty out of one object, that's one less object that you need to have in the first place.

They're all just concepts, at this point, but they're all worth looking at, for the ideas driving them, at least. The basic idea behind them all: sustainable design should easily relate to our way of life and manner of living; green for the sake of green isn't enough. Learn more about the exhibition -- it was on display late last year -- and dig deeper into the concepts at ::Orca Design via ::Core77

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