GreenHomeNYC Building Resources


Building green doesn't have to be lonely. Whether you haven't a clue how to start an eco-friendly home or you've built your green dream house and want to shout it from the rooftops, GreenHomeNYC should be your next stop. They're all about providing resources and connecting people. Dig through case studies of those who have gone before, or browse a huge selection of links arranged by topics like green roofs and waste management. Even if you aren't in New York, you'll find all the helpful goodies you need to one-up the Joneses on your energy bills.The site doesn't neglect those of us who are renting, either. Their checklist of Changes You Can Make Right Now has one set of tips for tenants and another for owners. The top tip? Live in NYC. Or any other urban center: high-density living is as green as it gets.

GreenHome also has a Q&A; section for posing questions to experts ("how do I get formaldehyde-free wood without annoying the builder?"), but if you'd rather pick someone's brain in person, they run a monthly Green Building Forum and can point you to tons of other events in NYC. You'll have to wait until the New Year for the next forum, but make a resolution now to check it out. Thanks to Abby Kelly for the tip! ::GreenHomeNYC [by KK]

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