Greener Gadgets Design Competition Starts Today!


Our pals at Inhabitat have teamed up with Marc Alt + Partners to present the Greener Gadgets Conference, February 1, 2008, in New York City. The conference will address some big-picture topics like design for sustainability, product life cycle management, take-back and recycling programs, energy efficiency, greener materials, and green lifestyle and product marketing.

As part of the one-day conference, Core77 is lending a hand by partnering up for a Greener Gadgets Design Competition, whose goals will closely mirror those of the conference: "This design competition will engage established design firms, emerging designers, and design students to come up with new and innovative solutions to address the issues of energy, carbon footprint, health and toxicity, new materials, product lifecycle, and social development." Starting today (and going through January 27), they're looking for designs that "seek to minimize the environmental impact of consumer electronic devices at any stage in the product lifecycle."

Read more about the Greener Gadgets Conference, get all the details about the Design Competition at Core77, and good luck! via ::Core77

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