Greener By Design 2009 Will Explore Greener Products for Leaner Times

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If you have any sort of involvement in business and/or design and you're in San Francisco or planning a Springtime trip to the bay area, you'll want to pencil in Greener by Design to your calendar. It's an event that puts together some of the best minds in design to figure out how to incorporate sustainability into design so that all our products and services play nice with the planet. Some stellar names familiar to the pages of TreeHugger will be there, and so should you. Read on for who you'll see there.This year the conference will focus on why it is important for businesses to green up despite, or rather, because of the economic issues we're facing right now:

In today’s challenging economy, companies that can align environmental innovation with affordability to bring green products to the mainstream have a clear competitive advantage. How are successful companies designing greener products with little or no price premium? Join us at Greener By Design 2009 to see who's innovating, who's succeeding, how they're producing products that aren't just greener, but better — and how you can put these strategies to work in your company.

Some of the speakers include our very own guest poster Tom Szaky, the eco-adventurer David de Rothschild, Adam Lowry of Method, William McDonough of McDonough + Partners, and many more heavy hitters.

You'll find out what big companies are doing to create greener business strategies through design; how we can figure out what works and what doesn't, then fix it; strategies for sustainability during a recession; and you'll get to see what all the great exhibitors have up their sleeves.

So if you're looking to find out how (your) business can green up, this is a must attend event. Happening May 19-20 in San Francisco, you can check out more and register at Greener Design. We'll be there - will we see you?

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