Greener by Design 2009: What the Heck is GreenOps Recyclables Tracking?

greenops tracking box photo

Photos by Jaymi Heimbuch

Floating around Greener by Design are boxes like the one above. They sport the GreenOps logo, which puts in place a very interesting tracking system for recyclables that might just be the next wave in recycling transparency. GreenOps is essentially a tracking system that can trace products going from the consumer stream to the recycling stream.

Companies that create consumer packaging can put the GreenOps logo on their materials. Consumers buying goods can choose products with that logo. When they're done using the product, they take it to a GreenOps Tracking Station where they get a receipt showing the number of items they recycled and a code for redeemable prize points at

The tracking stations are intended to go in high traffic areas like high school campuses, public parks, tourist sites shopping malls, sports stadiums and other places where a whole lot of packaged products are tossed in large quantities.

Once the item is deposited in the tracking station, it gets scanned and the materials are tracked so companies can see how much of which products are being recycled.

Interesting...we aren't sure if it's just a bunch of added steps to a recycling process that is more for corporate advertising than recycling drives, or if it really is a new way to get consumers to recycle more. Check out their website, which also has a video for more info.

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