Greener By Design 2009: Terracycle's Take on Trash and Sneak Peek at Next Year's Product (Video)

terracycle tom szaky photo

Photos by Jaymi Heimbuch
Terracycle's Tom Szaky was here to talk trash to designers and inspire them to rethink the idea of waste. He brought up two very interesting points that are sure to make anyone, especially designers, pause to think about how we use our resources...and indeed what our resources actually are.Terracycle is a regular here on TreeHugger, with Szaky as a guest poster. So you're likely familiar with the company and the cool way they think about waste. However, two points Szaky made in his keynote at Greener by Design really stood out and are worth posting.

Why "garbage" is a completely unnatural concept:

Why reusing is better than recycling:

And for that sneak peek of one of likely many new products coming out soon:

terracycle yoplant photo

Szaky says to expect to see these cool seedling pots at Wal-Marts across the country next year. They're yogurt cups turned into tiny pots. Hopefully consumers will turn right around and send them back in to Terracycle for another round of planting...

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