Greener by Design 2009: Innovators Show Off New Twists on Old Products

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Photos by Jaymi Heimbuch

Innovators have a chance to show off their wares at Greener by Design, and there are some very interesting new products to check out, from reusable shipping packaging to a sustainable alternative to concrete or wood for construction, to a tiny little car that is a TreeHugger favorite.

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These "Ditto" hangers are made of 100% recyclable paper or PET plastic. They offer a line of retail quality hangers for stores or homes. They're made with a minimum of 70% post consumer waste for the paper versions and 20% recycled content for the plastic versions, use veggie inks and water-based adhesives, and come in quite an array of styles. The company hopes to keep billions of hangers out of the landfill and in the consumer stream by offering recyclability on this ubiquitous product.

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Rapioli is a new take on shipping packaging. Instead of throwing something into a cardboard box with loads of bubble wrap, users could instead send out items in a Rapioli container, which is made of PET plastic and can be shipped as many as 100 times before being recycled. It is made versatile by having nesting trays of various sizes, so there's always a good size to fit whatever is being shipped, and pillows to pad the items, which are also made of PET plastic.


Trula is a manufacturing material that can be molded into any shape. It is intended to be used as an alternative to concrete and wood. It is a complex mixture of agricultural remnants, and uses very little energy and absolutely no water to manufacture. The details of what else is in it, other than remains of harvested crops, is being kept hush-hush, though we're assured everything in it is safe and green.


And we were excited to see a tiny little Peapod parked in the exhibitors hall. This adorable car is meant for neighborhood use. It is electric, goes 25mph, has a travel range of thirty miles and is not allowed on highways. So really, perfect for sharing in a neighborhood to help people run errands or travel short distances.

All these innovations are proof of the potential of green designers here are the conference and everywhere.

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