Greener By Design 2009: HP and a Computer Box Meant to Last Forever

HP box designs photo

Photos by Jaymi Heimbuch

HP is no slouch in the greener packaging sector. Mark Solomon, Lead Designer in the Innovation Program Office at the company showed off some interesting packaging ideas for one of their notebooks. However, does it boarder on greenhushing?Voodoo is a brand of HP for gamers. They've produced a very, very high end gamer notebook and wanted to change the way the packaging was done to make it more sustainable. But, there's a bit of a trick to it. Solomon made it clear that they had no desire to point out how green the packaging design is to consumers. It just isn't part of their brand. But that didn't stop them from producing something pretty green.

Old Packaging:

HP original box photo

New Packaging:
HP new packaging photo

Essentially there is a very slick box with only an embossed logo on one corner - no other printing - so that it blends beautifully into anyone's home decor. And the two trays inside are useful in any number of ways...

HP reuse box photo

In addition, they eliminated the plastic sheeting that you usually peel off a new device. Instead, they covered the notebook in a microfiber sleeve that can be used to clean and protect the computer indefinitely (something the consumer had better keep around since it doesn't exactly biodegrade easily...). The point the designers kept in mind, Solomon said, was to make packaging that people would really want to keep around.

Looks like they accomplished that goal here, with or without letting the consumer know about it. Next step in their packaging design will need to be choosing sustainable and recyclable materials to lighten the footprint of not only the manufacturing process but also the end-of-life impact because, let's face it, no one keeps a box around forever.

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