Greencore's Solar-Powered Air Conditioner (Finally!)

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Is any Technology more Overdue than Solar-Powered Air Conditioning?
We've been writing for many years about how solar-powered air conditioning is a big "duh!", and should be used more widely. After all, it's when you have lots of sun that you need A/C the most, and anything that helps smooth out peak demand on the electrical grid can help delay the construction of new polluting power plants.

Greencore's Solar A/C System
The Greencore 10200 comes in two models: a fixed one, and a mobile version (which can be had with 2 or 4 batteries). Using a single 170-watt solar panel, it can keep a 600 square-foot room cool. One of the good design decisions was to make it run on DC current, so no AC inverter is needed and conversion losses are avoided.

Greencore solar-powered air conditioning photo

We're not quite sure what they're doing here, but it looks cool.

The Greencore solar A/C system is actually a hybrid; when the sun isn't shining, it can use power form the grid, during off-peak hours, to charge its batteries. This is the kind of load shifting that can save money and smooth out demand.

You can see some specs here (pdf).

Two high-profile clients of Greencore are McDonald's and the US Navy. Both of them are testing solar air conditioner units.

Greencore solar-powered air conditioning photo

It can be used for modular classrooms and construction trailers.
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