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In any big space that is heated or air conditioned, the hot air will rise and it will tend to stratify, with hot air stuck at the ceiling, wasting a lot of energy. There are lots of high-tech things you can do, but the dumb simple thing is to simply put some big-ass fan up there to stir things up. That is what Big Ass Fans supplies. When I last wrote about them (Big Ass Fans: Great idea, Dumb Name) I wondered of any architect would specify a product with such a name, but commenters disagreed, noting that "The name is fun, catching and descriptive. Anyone who takes "offense" is being a total prude. Not to mention that there is nothing wrong with either bums or donkeys." Point taken.

The new Element fan shown at the GreenBuild show is designed for commercial use, where some might have thought that the earlier versions were too industrial looking. The Element is a little flashier, but its main innovation appears to be the stationary hub, which permits the installation of lights, speakers and other electronics.

Emily of Big Ass also tells us that

"Because of the electronic motor and the elimination of the gearbox, there is no mechanical noise or electrical interference. For public spaces like galleries, museums, churches and offces, silent operation is a very important feature in a ceiling fan."

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As employee John Plumley put it in a comment to my last post on the fan:

Thirty percent of our energy and sixty percent of our electricity is consumed by commercial buildings in the US. A typical energy savings is 30% using our product. Do the math and you'll see that we're doing our part to reduce all those emissions that are so harmful to the environment.

I'm sure anyone reading this site is in tune with just how dire our situation has become. I've never been more proud to say that I work for a company that has that type of impact on the environment.

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